[mythtv-users] Myth Archive

Mitch Gore mitchell.gore at gmail.com
Sat Sep 8 17:00:43 UTC 2007


I am trying to get mytharchive to work and I am getting this in my Log file
when exporting a recording.

mythburn.py (0.1.20070805-1) starting up...
script path:/usr/local/share/mythtv/mytharchive/scripts
myth share path:/usr/local/share/mythtv
passed job file: /video/temp-archive/config/mydata.xml
passed progress log file: /video/temp-archive/logs/progress.log
mythburn.py (0.1.20070805-1) starting up...
Found 2 CPUs
Obtaining MythTV settings from MySQL database for hostname mythtv
temppath: work
logpath:  logs
Setting process priority to 10
ERROR: cannot create lockfile: [Errno 2] No such file or directory:


What does that mean?

I have configured the plugin in setup.  Some details on my system...

[myth at mythtv logs]$ mythbackend --version
Library API version     : 0.21.20070820-1
Source code version     : 14289
SVN branch              : trunk
Network Protocol Version: 35
Options compiled in:
 linux release using_oss using_alsa using_arts using_backend using_dbox2
using_dvb using_firewire using_frontend using_hdhomerun using_iptv
using_ivtv using_joystick_menu using_lirc using_v4l using_x11 using_xrandr
using_xv using_xvmc using_xvmcw using_xvmc_vld using_bindings_perl
using_libavc_5_3 using_live

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