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Chris Ribe chrisribe at gmail.com
Sat Sep 8 03:07:48 UTC 2007

> Nope, it's done it from day 1. Now, if you're talking about 1080p...
> no. The AppleTV can't do that. Technically, 720p is HD. And for
> reference... I can't really tell much difference between 720p and
> 1080p. 1080i... that sucks (I'm one of those lucky chaps who's
> susceptible to the flicker inherent in it)
> Quicktime has had an "Export to Apple TV" function that allows 720p
> for several months now. It plays back at 24fps, which is movie frame
> rates. It's quite nice actually... and yes, it's H264.
> _______________________________________________

To be perfectly pedantic, 720p24 isn't really HD.  Check out the product
page for the AppleTV at the Apple store, and the only mention of "high
definition" is in reference to the fact that it can be hooked up to an HDTV.

As for the possibility of using Quicktime to produce AppleTV ready 720p24
video, be prepared to jump through hoops and twiddle your thumbs, because
Quicktime won't accept MPEG-2 as an input format, and encoding  720p24
h.264video takes some serious computational power.  I recently tested
out the
Quicktime AppleTV 720p conversion with some 720p60 DVCPROHD video I had shot
-  on a 8-core 3Ghz MacPro is *still* took 90 seconds for every minute of
video to transcode.

So yes, it is kind of cool that an AppleTV will play 720p24 h.264 video,
but until they at least start selling video in that format, it seems kind of
pointless because it still requires a real mac (or similar) to produce the
video.  (Sidebar: more than just a real Mac is needed, it has to be an intel
Mac - my 1.83Ghz Macbook encodes NTSC h.264 video more than twice as quickly
as our 2Ghz dual core G5 powermacs).

That said, I'm still considering setting up my backend to transcode to
AppleTV spec video so I can access my recordings through FrontRow on my

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