[mythtv-users] Myth Developers ban all use of MythTV as a PVR due to IP infringement?

Brett Kosinski fancypantalons at gmail.com
Fri Sep 7 21:03:20 UTC 2007

> next 100 years.  I didn't use Myth because I couldn't afford $13/month for
> the cable box.  I used myth because I believed in the free software movement
> and wanted to support a free solution.  I actually would rather pay
> $13/month to Comcast and record the Sopranos in high-def than $5/month to SD
> so I can only record a handful of un-encrypted QAM/ATSC channels, all of
> which are crammed with commercials.  Like most myth users, we made lots of
> sacrifices (stability, usability, number of channels, etc.) because we
> wanted to support a free solution.

Umm, no offense, but I wouldn't count on this necessarily being the majority
opinion.   Personally, I built a Myth system because:

a) It has more features than a comparable cable company DVR.
b) It's more stable than your average cable company DVR.
c) I can use the content in any way I see fit.
d) I can customize my Myth system in any way I wish.
e) I can expand my Myth system (storage, tuners, etc) in a way that's
impossible with a cable company DVR.
f) The FE/BE split architecture allows me to centalize all my content.

Hell, there's probably plenty more reasons why, but those are just off the
top of my head.  In short, given my experience and general preference for
Linux, I felt Myth was the *best solution* for my particular set of
requirements.  In fact, going in, I knew it wasn't the cheapest, but given
the featureset, I was willing to swallow the cost.  This remains true even
with the SD subscription fee (which is a tiny drop in the bucket relative to
the hardware cost of my system).

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