[mythtv-users] AppleTV Status

Gavin Haslett gavin at nodecaf.net
Fri Sep 7 21:02:52 UTC 2007

On Sep 6, 2007, at 7:18 PM, Kevin Hulse wrote:

> On Thu, Sep 06, 2007 at 04:27:30PM -0700, Jean-Philippe Steinmetz  
> wrote:
>> Hello everyone,
>> I was wondering what the status of people getting myth to run on  
>> an AppleTV
>> is? Has anyone picked up the new HD capable AppleTV? Have you been
>> successful in getting myth running? My roommate and I are considering
>> purchasing an AppleTV as a myth frontend. Thanks
>     I'm curious to hear how well AppleTV does playing HD h264 video.

OT since it's not Myth-related... but the AppleTV is designed to play  
H264 HD video... it does great.

Now, whether or not it'll do the same with an OSS codec... now that's  
a different kettle of fish.

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