[mythtv-users] Prefer recording at night

Guillaume Filion gfk at logidac.com
Fri Sep 7 20:18:30 UTC 2007

Lan Barnes a écrit :
> I can't answer your Q, but I may remark that life begins with the second
> tuner card. PVR-150s can be had on ebay at a buy-it-now around $35.
> Downside is people say that analog is going away (I'm skeptical because
> backward compatability is something joe sixpacks gets and will demand).

"I have a new mythtv setup connected to a single tuner" was the short
version, the long(er) version is that I have a PVR-250 connected by
S-Video to a Coolsat satellite receiver, which is connected to two sat
antennas. I have dual LNBs on the antennas, but the second connector is
already used by a receiver downstairs.

So, to get a second tuner on the PVR, I would need to get a
PVR-150/PVR-250, a new satellite receiver, 2 quad-LNBs for my sat
antennas, a whole lot of coax cable and a week-end of climbing in a ladder.

Not impossible, but I'm too lazy. Maybe next summer! ;-)

Guillaume Filion

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