[mythtv-users] Myth Developers ban all use of MythTV as a PVR due to IP infringement?

Kevin Hulse jedi at mishnet.org
Fri Sep 7 18:34:14 UTC 2007

On Fri, Sep 07, 2007 at 01:09:52PM -0500, Joe Menola wrote:
> On Friday 07 September 2007 12:59:46 pm Brett Kosinski wrote:
> > On 9/7/07, James Gutshall Jr <warchildx at gmail.com> wrote:
> > > On 9/7/07, William Munson <william_munson at bellsouth.net> wrote:
> > Dude.  It's *5 dollars*.  You could save that by forgoing your morning
> > coffee for a few days.  And that's over double what the expected target fee
> > structure will be.
> >
> > Honestly, if you can't scrounge up a few bucks a month for quality listings
> > data, you really should be rethinking your finances a bit.  That, or
> > reconsidering why you built a Myth box in the first place.
> >
> > Brett.
> Possibly it's not entirely the "dudes" decision. 
> What makes sense to the "dudes" often fails to translate into a logic the wife 
> can understand.

	Cut her off.

	Make her watch commercials again.

	Make her watch her shows when they are on instead of when she gets around to watching them.

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