[mythtv-users] Digital channels added to analog source

Dave Diamond mythtv at jadbury.com
Fri Sep 7 17:51:45 UTC 2007


I'm running MythDora 4 with MythTV 0.20.2-164.fc6.  I have a cable box
connected to one of my tuners (#1) -- source is called "digital" with a
CableDigital type lineup.  I have two other tuners (#2, #3) connected
right to the cable -- source is called "analog" with a Cable type lineup. 
As you would expect, the digital lineup has everything that's in the
analog lineup plus some digital-only "extra" channels.

I noticed a couple weeks ago (after SD update) that my upcoming recordings
screen was indicating that some shows from the digital-only "extra"
channel were to record on tuner #2 (analog).  I assumed I'd done something
wrong, so I deleted my sources and re-added them carefully.  My upcoming
recordings screen then indicated that the "extra" shows were now set to
record on tuner #1, problem solved.

However, I noticed a few days ago that this problem had come back.  I also
noticed in my log file something suspicious: a bunch of lines saying
"DataDirect: Adding Channel NNN 'Name' (ABBR)." -- This happened right
after a run of mythfilldb.sh.

I also see in the log file the following:

/usr/bin/mythfilldb.sh: line 7:   658 Segmentation fault     
database --do-channel-updates --refresh-all --dd-file 1 -1 NH53383:-

Note the segmentation fault.  This cannot be good.

But aside from whatever problems, if any, the segv presents, here is what
I'm trying to understand...

mythfilldb.sh calls /usr/bin/tv_grab_na_dd twice -- once for each source. 
It uses the appropriately named config file --
/var/mythdora/.xmltv/scheddirect_XXXXX -- for each lineup and saves the
data to a separate file -- /tmp/dd-N-$DATE.xml -- where N is 1 for my
(analog) Cable lineup and 2 for my CableDigital lineup.  but what I've
noticed is that these two output files are the same.  Question #1, Is that
the way it's supposed to be?

And then question #2: even though the content of those files says that my
extra channels only belong to the digital source, why would those channels
get added to my analog source?

Thanks in advance for your help!


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