[mythtv-users] Building new system - Mythdora, Fedora with apt-get, or compile manually?

Matt Emmott memmott at gmail.com
Fri Sep 7 14:57:37 UTC 2007

I have been running Myth for about a year now on an Athlon-based system I
build using Jarod's guide. It runs well but is a little slow with things
like transcoding, nuvexport, etc. So I decided to upgrade. I've bought the
components to build a Pentium D dual core system since it will enable me to
drop in a core 2 Duo when the prices come down, along with 2GB of RAM and a
fanless GeForce 7300LE PCI Express card. I'm going to reuse my PVR-250 and a
300GB IDE drive from my old myth machine in this new box.

I'd like to run the new 0.20.2 rev, and I'd like to be able to use
mythstreamtv, myth2ipod, mythiptv, mytharchive, and nuvexport. For now I'll
be using a single FE/BE combo, but this machine may end up becoming a
dedicated backend. It's going to be SD at first but I will upgrade to HD
within the next six months. I'm somewhat comfortable with Linux but I'm by
no means a guru. I won't be editing any source code and I'm still a little
leery about compiling packages on my own.

That being said, does anybody have any recommendations on the best setup to
use for my new system? I like Mythdora's ease of install but I'm wondering
if updating or adding anything to it will break the whole package.
Installing via Jarod's HOWTO seems to be more flexible but it's still a bit
painful to do. And finally I'd like to take advantage of my dual-core
system, and I've seen murmurs that some apps like Mplayer aren't
multithreaded unless they're compiled as such. I would love to hear other
users' thoughts on this before I dive into an install this weekend. Thanks
in advance.
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