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> I hope you don't mind me asking, but how did you get your videos to 
> show up there?  I have ripped a DVD down to vob format to 
> /storage/videos, and I can use "Watch Videos" to see it, but if I 
> put any other videos in there (an AVI or MPG), they don't show up.
> How do I get them to show up so I don't have to go out to an XTerm 
> window and manually run XINE to play them?
> Thanks,
> Harry
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> I have placed videos on my myth box in various formats; avi, mp4, 
> wmv, etc.  During playback from Watch Videos some formats, like 
> (some) AVIs, only show basic timecode information, while other 
> formats, like wmv, display the playback menu as though I were 
> watching a show recorded by MythTV, itself.  Is there some place 
> that speaks to which formats get which treatment and why? 
> jw 
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> [mythtv-users] Play back menus

I don't do anything special.  Its been a while, but I seem to remember 
that some default setting does not automatically update the video list 
when new vids are added. I am not home at the moment, so I cannot check, 
but I believe that under utilities/settings there is a menu item to manage 
videos and in that menu page is a check box that tells Myth to 
automatically update the video list. 

But it has been a while, so this may be a bad memory.

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