[mythtv-users] Unknown programs

Peter Hartmann ascensiontech at gmail.com
Fri Sep 7 13:03:41 UTC 2007

Sorry if this ends up as a duplicate...I thought I was subscribed.
After following instructions from archives ...still no luck.  I just
switched to Schedules Direct and now channel 45 (comedy central) has
unknown programs.   The advice I followed was to "delete all sources"
from mythtv-setup and re-reun mythfilldatabase.  Also there are no
upcoming recordings although I have say 15 programs with priorities.
 I noticed a lot of 401 unauthorized access while running
mythfilldatabse although my username and password are correct.  When I
put my info in mythtv-setup it correctly gets my lineup.  I'd love not
to start over with my database.  help!


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