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kijuhty kijuhty kijuhty at gmail.com
Fri Sep 7 05:11:18 UTC 2007

>> guide data owner getting upset with people abusing their service and
nearly terminating it completely.

That's not the impression I got at all.  Tribune was fishing for a way to
get Myth users to pay for the epg data.  After they announced they were
going to "terminate it", they started soliciting for a model that would
allow them to charge Myth's users.  If they really wanted to terminate it,
they would terminated it--not started fishing for money from Myth's users.
If the Myth community had said 'no' we won't pay for it, my guess is Tribune
would have gone back to giving it for free because it would have cost a lot
more to work around scrapers and try to handle the impact that it has on
their advertising model than to just continue to give it for free.  But
since the Myth developers offered to help them monetize it, of course
Tribune was happy with the outcome.
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