[mythtv-users] Slow MySQL query after delete

Jay R. Ashworth jra at baylink.com
Fri Sep 7 04:22:30 UTC 2007

On Fri, Sep 07, 2007 at 12:23:07AM -0400, Michael T. Dean wrote:
> On 09/06/2007 11:23 PM, Jay R. Ashworth wrote:
> > On Thu, Sep 06, 2007 at 08:06:42PM -0700, crs23 wrote:
> >> Jay R. Ashworth wrote:
> >>     
> >>> Can someone with more time on their hands than me (and source loaded)
> >>> extract the BUSQ and post it here, for our amusement? :-)
> >> It's in the original post.
> > So it is; I came in late.
> >
> > Anyone got an SQL prettyprinter? :-)
> No.  You can't truly appreciate the BUSQ until you see it in its full
> glory.  What you see in the logs is just a shadow of the BUSQ (the BUSQ
> is a "dyanamic" query that's built "on the fly").  Open up
> programs/mythbackend/scheduler.cpp and read through all that makes the
> BUSQ (yes, it really is in there).

O.  M.  G.

> Now do you see why only the bravest among us (i.e. Bruce Markey and
> David Engel and the occasional brave adventurer, like David Shay) are
> willing to touch the BUSQ.

Yeah, Wikipedia's parser is like that too.

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