[mythtv-users] Font problem

James Orr james.orr7 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 7 03:54:08 UTC 2007

OK, so I've upgraded to 0.20.2 and everything is working great, except ...

I also upgraded a few other things (kernel, ivtv, nvidia drivers ...).

I have a GeForce4 MX and am using the 1.0.9639 driver.

The good news is for the first time in the 3.5 years I've been using mythtv
the OverScan option actually works!  Yay!

The bad news is the fonts now look like crap.  They seem to be the right
size but it's like there's pixels missing here and there or something.  The
upper-case T is a good example, the veritcal part is white and seems fine,
but the horizontal part is just kind of a washed out blue.  It's all
readable, it just doesn't look very good.

Watching actual television shows looks the same as it did before.

Any ideas?
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