[mythtv-users] walkSA3250channels.sh issues

Dan Brown dan at familybrown.org
Thu Sep 6 23:02:49 UTC 2007

Sorry to disrupt the ongoing discussion about options to obtain schedule 
data, but I was hoping to get a little help with a Myth-related issue. 
In my ongoing attempt to get my SA3250HD STB working, I've been trying 
to use the walkSA3250channels.sh script to see which channels may work. 
  However, I'm getting some warning messages when I run the script:

/home/dan/walkSA3250channels.sh: line 91: [: : integer expression expected
/home/dan/walkSA3250channels.sh: line 100: [: -gt: unary operator expected

Those lines read as follows:

                 while [ "$TRIES" -le "$RESETS" -a "$SUCCESS" -gt 0 ]; do


                 if [ $SUCCESS -gt 0 ]; then

My bash-fu is pretty weak, but I don't see any obvious problems here. 
Any ideas what could be wrong?

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