[mythtv-users] Import and Export of Program Listing Data

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Thu Sep 6 21:12:31 UTC 2007

On 9/6/07, Robert Current <robert.current at gmail.com> wrote:
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> These concepts seem to have no clear answer:
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I'm not sure I see a clear reason for these concepts.  You are admittedly
probably targeting a small subset of MythTV users given the "murky" issues
surrounding some of the concepts.  For that small subset, I fail to see any
benefit in sharing data between users since the likelyhood of any two users
sharing the same dataset is small.  The complexities surrounding the
distribution methods seem to outweigh any perceived benefit.  A majority of
users will be well served simply getting their data directly from the
original source, not trying to gather it from peers.

Distribution via torrents or USENET or a central data server was
> mentioned.  Torrents were dis-liked, but there is already a start
> MythTV plugin for Torrents.  Status of UseNet plugin to MythTV seems
> unmentioned, and seems unclear to me right now.  I haven't seen anyone
> propose a central server, but I've seen it mentioned that if anyone
> did it, it should be outside the USA for legal reasons!
> How much GUI a "average user" would need to use this, totally unclear.
> Manual data entry can be done slick and sweet by using a GUI frontend
> for MySQL in Windows or Linux by opening the mythconverg database.  A
> template to pull open the right tables and joins might be cool.
> That's internationally useful, totally promoting legal un-copyright
> restricted data entry, and not extremely hard to conceive.
> Command lines data import and export seem the easy bit, and the
> commands could be quite simple.  Would the "average user" even need
> GUI?  If someone did make it easy, would it even be allowed into the
> MythTV tree?
> Would there be any reason, other than file sharing and import/export
> of data, to have a GUI spot in MythTV-Setup to allow cron jobs to be
> scheduled?  A command line might be easy; a setup script could get
> around this, but...  are they enough for the average user?
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