[mythtv-users] Can't get firewire channel changer to work

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Thu Sep 6 20:31:46 UTC 2007

Daniel Arfsten wrote:
> I am using a SA3250HD STB. I tried recording over firewire  to no avail. I 
> figure HBO and whatnot will be blocked anyway. So now I would like to use 
> the firewire to at least change the channels (more reliable than 
> ir-blaster?) I am using s-video capturing on my PVR-350. I can see what's on 
> the  cable box thru mythtv frontend so I am guessing that I have the s-video 
> IN working right at least.
> When I try to change the channels, nothing happens on the cable box? This is 
> the output:
> sa3250ch 24 -v
> node 0: vendor_id = 0x00001947 model_id = 0x00000be0
> AV/C Command: 024 = cmd0=0x00487ce7 cmd2=0x04343230 cmd3=0xff000000
> AV/C Command: 024 = cmd0=0x00487c67 cmd2=0x04303234 cmd3=0xff000000
> So it appears like it's working but I have to be honest, I had to add my 
> vendor_id to the script that came along in the contrib directory. Will that 

That's fine but it makes me wonder if you are using an old version.
In current SVN, 1947 is defined as SA_VENDOR_ID4 .

I have two different sa3250hd boxes each with a different
vendor id and neither them work without the "-s" option.
One jumps to an info channel then the channel of the last
digit, the other does nothing.

: bjm at sleepy ; sa3250ch -v -s 24
node 0: vendor_id = 0x00001ac3 model_id = 0x00000be0
Using single number channel change command method
AV/C Command: cmd0=0x00487ce7 cmd1=0x04001800 cmd2=0x00000000

This works every time unless they are sent in rapid succession
where the first change hasn't completed before the second arrives.
If the command is for the current channel, nothing happens and
the OSD is not displayed (that's a good thing).

> simple change not work? I am running Feisty Fawn and am using mythtv 20.2 
> from the ubuntu proposed repo. Do I need to compile something else to  get 
> this to work?

My guess is that you just need "-s" but you could try the
current version from SVN. I'll attach it.

--  bjm

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