[mythtv-users] Free US/Canada Listings

Phill Wiggin alamar at gmail.com
Thu Sep 6 18:58:22 UTC 2007

On 9/6/07, John Drescher <drescherjm at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Maybe because website TOS are thought of in the same way was EULAS?
> > Eg, irrelevant and unenforceable?
> >
> That may be the case but sharing the data you scrape is a violation of
> the copyright laws and they can get you on that.
> John

IIRC, Myth originally used scraped data.  From that standpoint, Myth
was founded on these "violations". Pre DD days, screen-scraping is
what we had.  Wasn't it just as 'illegal/immoral/unsavory' then as it
is now?  In light of SD, I understand the feeling that scraping
discussions are 'taboo'.  But, it seems unfair and downright
hypocritical to reprimand people (even in the courteous manner I've
seen in this thread) for discussing topics on this list that were an
integral part of Myth in the past (and as I understand it, can still
be used with Myth).

I'm not berating the people having this discussion.  As a matter of
fact, I think this is the appropriate forum for the discussion.  Were
this the SD list, I'd 100% agree with Mike Dean and suggest it be
continued off-list.  But, since the Myth supported scraping (as a
primary input, no less) and the list previously discussed scraping, I
see no reason that it shouldn't continue to be discussed here.

Having said that, I'm completely behind SD and appreciate the
organizers' efforts. I'll be subscribing to SD for as long as it runs
(or until they invent the 'Jack-in-your-head' cable system).


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