[mythtv-users] tv guide line-up free

Jeff Wormsley daworm at comcast.net
Thu Sep 6 15:13:22 UTC 2007

Jay R. Ashworth wrote:
> Once again: one of the primary "selling points" for MythTV is that it
> can optimize your recording schedule by bumping things to be recorded
> later, if you have more programs than tuners.
> It can't do that, if it doesn't have sufficient advance schedule data
> to chew on.  So, no: "everything that can be done now [with traditional
> long term program schedule data]" could, in point of actual fact, *not*
> "still be done [if you were scheduling recordings one by one using
> Titan's web interface]."

Actually, it all depends on the schedules themselves.

Let's say you have three shows to record at 5pm, and only two tuners, 
and that's all you have to record for two weeks.

Scenario 1

You have two weeks of listings:
Show 1 @5PM today
Show 2 @5PM today
Show 3 @5PM today
Show 1 @10PM next week
Show 2 @10PM next week
Show 3 @10PM next week

Here, tuner 1 gets Show 1 @5PM today, tuner 2 gets Show 2 @5PM today, 
and tuner 1 gets Show 3 @10PM next week.

Scenario 2

You have today's listings only:
Show 1 @5PM today
Show 2 @5PM today
Show 3 @5PM today

Here, tuner 1 gets Show 1 @5PM today, tuner 2 gets Show 2 @5PM today, 
and Show 3 isn't recorded.  BUT... next week, you have again one day of 
data, and it has Show 3 in it, and you have already recorded Show 1 and 
Show 2, so you will record Show 3 anyway, just like it would have if you 
had two weeks of schedules available.

This is what Robert sees.  However, he's seeing things through the eyes 
of regularly schedules programs with regularly scheduled repeats.

Where his argument breaks down is "What if Show 3 is the Super Bowl?" 
With two weeks of data, Myth can see that Show 1 and Show 2 will be 
repeated and Show 3 may not (it can't know it won't, but it does know it 
won't in the next 2 weeks), so it can decide to record Show 1 and Show 3 
today, and wait until next week for Show 2 and know it will get them all.

Now, I've said that I would prefer a free listing service (and can 
program one if I need to), but I do understand that SD is a more robust 
solution.  I already pay too much for cable, too much for internet 
access, too much for equipment, one more payment, while small, is like 
the proverbial straw, and is yet one more thing to deal with. 
Fortunately for me, I have a month or so to consider things, as my Myth 
system is currently shut down due to remodeling.


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