[mythtv-users] Great PVR Solution, but two minor details

Daniel Westendorf dwestendorf at scottusa.com
Thu Sep 6 15:03:33 UTC 2007

I have the MySQL connection up and running, I can see the TV guide and
everything, so that isn't a problem. No firewalls either. Just no
communication for the actual Mythtv protocol I'm guessing. Pherhaps I
didn't configure the frontends/backend to use the correct ports(I left
the defaults)? I will check when I go home for lunch.

Any other ideas on my other problem/quesitons?


Daniel Westendorf

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On 06/09/07, Daniel Westendorf <dwestendorf at scottusa.com> wrote:
> Hey all-
> I have been playing with MythTv for the last week and have already
become a
> die hard fan. It it awesome! I only have two problems/questions I need
> help with.
> 1. I have a multiple remote frontends. All frontends and backends are
> running on Ubuntu 7.04 with the .20.2 deb packages installed. I am
unable to
> watch livetv, recorded tv, or videos on my remote frontends. I can
> DVD's and listen to music just fine, but the live and recorded tv is
what I
> am after of course. My backend has the frontend install on it, and it
> great. When I hit Enter over Watch TV the screen flashes quickly then
> back to the main menu. Same thing happens when I hit play on any video
> recording, the screen flashes then goes back to where it was before,
like I
> hadn't pressed a button. Did I just not configure something correctly?
> looked at the mythtv log, but nothing stood out.

Which log?  If the frontends aren't connecting to the backend then you
wouldn't see anything in the backend log.  Start your frontends in a
terminal window or pipe the output to a file to see the frontend log.

Remote frontends first connect to the mysql database to lookup the
backend details, then they connect to the backend, which streams
LiveTV and Recorded programmes to the frontend. For this to work you

1.  A text file on the remote frontend containing the hostname or IP
address of the mysql server (normally the same as the backend).  I
thinks its called sql.txt (can't see to check)?

2.  mysql  configured to allow networking and remote connections to
the mythconverg database across the network.

3.  mythtv-setup to be configured with the external( ie not localhost
or  IP addresses of the backend and sql servers.

4.  No firewalls in the way.

(Video and Music works the same way except the media is not streamed
by the backend.  The files need to be available via a remote

How you actually do the above may depend on your mythtv package so
look at the howtos.  I use Fedora and it's all here


General setup is probably well described on the wiki too.

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