[mythtv-users] Code Fork

Anthony R. Baker baker at low-e.com
Thu Sep 6 14:16:34 UTC 2007

I Propose a code fork. Fork one for Robert Current. Robert Current approved, Robert Current's Terms of Service and no Schedules Direct .
(His must be fork number one or I will not support it as I do not want to be implicated in a conspiracy. ;) 

Fork number two I nominate Jay Ashworth as lord and master. (Implied meaning, keeper of the right to take his ball and go home) With Schedules Direct, Jay Ashworth approved, Jay Ashworth Terms of Service.

MythTV users vote now. If Jay doesn't suit vote 2 and name the "dictator" of your choice. I laughed heartily as I snuggled into my fireproof underwear and asbestos blanket.

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