[mythtv-users] Great PVR Solution, but two minor details

Daniel Westendorf dwestendorf at scottusa.com
Thu Sep 6 06:15:12 UTC 2007

Hey all-

I have been playing with MythTv for the last week and have already become a die hard fan. It it awesome! I only have two problems/questions I need some help with.

1. I have a multiple remote frontends. All frontends and backends are running on Ubuntu 7.04 with the .20.2 deb packages installed. I am unable to watch livetv, recorded tv, or videos on my remote frontends. I can watch DVD's and listen to music just fine, but the live and recorded tv is what I am after of course. My backend has the frontend install on it, and it works great. When I hit Enter over Watch TV the screen flashes quickly then goes back to the main menu. Same thing happens when I hit play on any video or recording, the screen flashes then goes back to where it was before, like I hadn't pressed a button. Did I just not configure something correctly? I looked at the mythtv log, but nothing stood out.

2. Mythweb works great, but when I go into the Recorded Shows page, it will show the shows that I have recorded, but if I click on them I get "1998_20070905180100.mpg does not exist in the recordings directory."
My recordings are on an LVM mounted in /media/recordings and I have a symbolic link between that and the www/mythtv/data/recordings dir. Do I have to use mythstreamtv for this?

Thanks for any input you can provide


P.S. I have a WindowsMCE remote with an IR receiver that has to input jacks for what seem to be ir blasters. Can I use those to control my STB? If so, how? Thanks again!
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