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David Shay david at shay.net
Thu Sep 6 04:06:00 UTC 2007

On 9/5/07, Robert Current <robert.current at gmail.com> wrote:
> > If you read carefully what was said, there are people reading this
> > > that didn't understand how any of this works. They were intimidated
> > > and scared and seemed to believe that unless they paid $15 their
> > > MythTV system wouldn't record their favorite weekly shows. Then
> > > thanking Schedules Direct for the ability to record lots of shows and
> > > not have to schedule recordings manually.
> >
> > Oh, you're makin that up.  Citations, please.
> Do you think someone who knows little about MythTV would have read
> this in another way?  Do you think everyone on this list has in
> intimate knowledge of how recurring recordings works?
> I don't make those assumptions.
> But since YOU keep saying "go back and read the archives" and I have,
> but are unwilling to look yourself… I'll be happy to provide evidence
> for those in disbelief:
> All of the following was posted here on this list, TODAY.  I will show
> it, unedited, complete, in it's entirety.  This completely implies
> recurring recording options are a direct result of paying Schedules
> Direct.
> "David Brodbeck gull at gull.us
> Wed Sep 5 16:53:00 UTC 2007
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> On Sep 4, 2007, at 7:18 PM, David Shay wrote:
> >> Once you set up the one time recording in TitanTV, it is easy to turn
> >> that into a recurring recording schedule from with MythTV.  You loose
> >> no flexibility what so ever.
> >
> > Well, you certainly wouldn't have an ability to do something like
> > "record whenever a show with this title is on anytime on any channel".
> >  Personally, I use this a lot.  If you don't, fine.  I also don't
> > count on a show to always be on at 8PM on Tuesday's.
> This is practically *all* I do.  I also really love that MythTV can
> automatically rearrange things to maximize the use of my two tuners,
> catching reruns at later times so I can get shows that otherwise
> would conflict.  To me that capability is worth $5/month.  I
> recognize that maybe isn't for everyone.
> It actually surprised me how much I came to depend on this.  When I
> first started using MythTV I thought, "Oh, I'll just use it as a
> glorified VCR, and to pause and rewind live TV."  But then the
> automatic scheduling stuff totally changed how I watch TV."
> ===  END of Quoted TEXT ===
> Seems like an attempt to link payment to Schedules Direct with the
> functionality of recurring recordings to me.   Seems to that data from
> other sources, in this case if data came from TitanTV, wouldn't work
> for anything other than Time based recordings.
> So, Who's making things up?
> _______________________________________________

No accusations here, but I think this entire thing is missing the context
that started this.  And since *I* started this sequence that you are now
quoting, the piece missing is the context that these limitations would be
present if you *ONLY* had something similar to the TitanTV remote scheduling
service like the one currently implemented in GBPVR.

Sure, once you take it out of that context, then make some other assumptions
that the only possible source of data is Schedules Direct, all sorts of
invalid conclusions can be drawn.  I even clarified this separation between
the remote scheduling service of TitanTV and using TitanTV as an XML
listings source in a later post, which seems to have gone ignored.
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