[mythtv-users] tv guide line-up free

Dewey Smolka dsmolka at gmail.com
Thu Sep 6 02:09:42 UTC 2007


You've been bitching and moaning on this topic all day and it hasn't
got you anywhere. Something tells me that if you had something more
productive to do with your time, then you'd have no problem with the
approved, proven, and community supported SD option, despite the
marginal cost.

Instead you've ranted, raved, and gnashed your teeth over matters that
have been discussed ad infinitum and ad nauseam on this very list over
the last 4-6 weeks.

Further, you've personally insulted a couple of the most active, most
helpful, most friendly, and most generally decent people in this

I've been a Myth user and a participant on this list for over three
years. Mike Dean, Jay Ashworth and Brad Der Manouelian (I hope I got
it right) have helped me on numerous occasions, and have helped
countless others as well. (my apologies for other regular posters whom
I didn't mention, but this thread is far too damn long already and I
couldn't go through the whole thing).

You complain about censorship, but in my long experience this is
without doubt the most supportive, most knowlegable, and most focused
high-volume list/community I've ever seen, let alone been a part of.
Your postings are still coming in, though I lack the patience to
actually read them.

People are frustrated with you because you're spouting the same ideas
that have been raised and dismissed repeatedly already. You're
insulting and demeaning towards people that members of this list know
and respect. You're not bringing any new insight or development to the
project as a whole.

If you have a solution, we'd all love to love to hear it. If you have
script, we'd all love to see it. If you have a brilliant idea that the
community has overlooked, we'd love to share your enthusiasm and help
you make it work.

But instead you insult and degrade the very people whose labors you
are enjoying. You suggest that the Myth developers and the people
behind other projects who have put SD together are somehow trying to
deceive you.

You think that your ideas and your experience are the only ones that
matter, and you refuse to listen to people who have had the same
ideas, tried them, tested them, opened negotiations where necessary,
and eventually decided on a course of action that the vast majority of
us support.

Maybe you can find a solution that works for you. Good luck to you.
Pretty much everybody else knows when to ask for advice, when to give
advice, and when to just listen. Pretty much everybody else on this
list knows how to analyze a problem, and recognizes a good solution.

Pretty much everybody realizes that what works in Boise might not work
in Boston, and vice versa. And pretty much everyone realizes that
expanding and refining the capabilities of MythTV as a whole, by and
for the benefit of the whole community, is far more important than
saving you less money in a month than you probably spend on coffee in
a couple days.

Give it a bloody rest. Or else come back with something useful.

PS I would like to personally thank everyone in this community who
over the last three or so years has ever helped me with my problems.
The support has been a lifesaver on many occasions.

I would also like to thank everyone who has given their time and money
to the creation of Schedules Direct. You took what could have been a
terrible situation and solved it more elegantly, more quickly, and
more cheaply than I had ever imagined possible. You deserve a lot of
respect for accomplishing an incredible amount in a very short time.
Unfortunately, people tend to express far more dissatisfaction than
satisfaction. Believe me, your efforts are appreciated.

To all the Myth developers and others involved in SD, to all the
active participants on this list who selflessly contribute their time,
t:o all the people who contribute code Myth and the various plugins,
to everyone who contributes to the wiki, to everyone who respects what
this project is about: You may like to think that you are doing it for
yourselves, but there are an awful lot of us out here using the
software who couldn't have done it ourselves, and couldn't have done
it without you.

Thank you.

And Robert, maybe you need to consider what other are doing and what
they've done before thinking that you're the only one who knows

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