[mythtv-users] 2nd source not updating through SD

Enigma enigma at thedonnerparty.com
Thu Sep 6 01:57:45 UTC 2007

> > Although I set a log location in the preferences, I can't seem to 
> find a
> > mythfill log.
> The setting for the mythfilldatabase log requires a file path, not a
> directory path (i.e. directory and file information). And the path
> structure (all directories) must already be existent and the user
> running mythbackend must have write access. (BTW, this is all handled
> better and described better in SVN trunk, but it may not have been
> ported to -fixes.)
> First step is to get the log, then post more. 

Perhaps I wasn't clear, the log location is set to a file 
(/var/log/mythfill.log) and the master backend runs as root so there 
shouldn't be any permission issues (I assume the mythfilldatabase 
process spawns from the master backend, is this incorrect?).  
/var/log/mythfill.log does not exist on either the master or the slave 
backend machine, even though the status indicates that mythfilldatabase 
is running. 

While looking through the settings database, I noticed that all the 
settings for mythfill are for frontend machines (i.e. there are several 
entries for each configuration item that have a specific hostname rather 
than a NULL), although there were no settings with the hostname of the 
machine where I set the new mythfill arguments and path or for the 
backend.  I had assumed that mythfill was a global backend configuration 
but looking at the database for some reason it seems to be frontend 
specific.  The frontends that did have mythfill configuration variables 
in the settings table did appear to have the new path and arguments, 
does the settings page just update the MythFill* values for every 
frontend?  I guess I am just unclear on the automatic mythfilldatabase 
process ... if it is a master backend only process then why do I have 
frontends (some of which no longer exist) with specific mythfill 
configuration variables?  Are these normal entries, orphaned entries or 
is something wrong with my config?

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