[mythtv-users] Import and Export of Program Listing Data

Robert Current robert.current at gmail.com
Thu Sep 6 01:46:30 UTC 2007

Ok, just to restate what is known... (obvious to some, but not to everyone)

Data exists, some have links to converters to xml.

MythTV can do a "mythfilldatabase --file somefile.xml" type simple
command to suck up XML data, IF the data is true XMLTV format data...

What is missing is a link that would find and pull the data, maybe as
simple as a wget if people were putting data files online.. but they

Maybe a torrent or USENET to mythfilldatabase script with GUI would be
what some people would need to get over the fear of using it?

Does it have to be EXACTLY like the login/password entry from zap2it
and schedules direct part of the Setup in MythTV?  If not, it appears
it's easily scriptable if people wanted it...  I have to wonder now
many people want it, and at what level...

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