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Nedim Cholich mythtv at cholich.com
Thu Sep 6 01:30:17 UTC 2007

On 9/5/07, Robert Current <robert.current at gmail.com> wrote:
> I don't like Schedules Direct, because I found the FAQ misleading, and
> the conversations on this forum revolting the instant Schedules Direct
> comes up, cheerleaders, lies, and tons of bullshit, and they want me
> to PAY for that?  Never going to happen.
> Schedules Direct seems like a cult more than a service.  Seriously,
> google "how to identify a cult."  Sorta crazy how many things fit…
> I'm willing to work on another project, even though I don't need it at
> all, just so people have other options.  But I'm the one who has
> issues?

Sorry I missed all the craziness you describe, I wasn't paying too much
attention to the mailing list because of my own crazy life recently. It sure
sounds like good fun.

So I got alerted to the whole zap2it demise by accident and a week passed
from that moment until I was up with SD. Since my Mythtv is essential to my
household was I trying to find "alternative" or hack some suspicious script?
Heck no. I did however stop to think about what would have happened if there
was no SD. I would have probably bought sage.tv and put Windows <cringe> on
my BE, since the alternative would be me sleeping out on the street ;-)

I'm not sure what y'all make in 1 hour on a good day but I bet it's more
then $15. In other terms it's a price of one lunch every three months. And
that's if they don't drop the price to $20/year. So why not put things in

Is it cool to work on some script to import some data from some website? I
say not really. There are way more cooler open source projects if you have
skills and time. And that's why we need to be VERY grateful for good people
that do it for us, so we can spend countless hours flaming over the script
that imports some data from some website ;-)
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