[mythtv-users] Import and Export of Program Listing Data

Robert Current robert.current at gmail.com
Thu Sep 6 00:58:06 UTC 2007

Hope this stays on topic.  Before anyone considers writing a single
line of code for a new TV Listings Data project until there is a good,
honest, solid understanding of the current situation, available
options, and existing code.  For sake of clarity "new" project would
mean Schedules Direct discussions are off topic, we all know and can
find information on that project on our own.

So, I propose cleanly, without debate, listing existing references for
projects, so we all can see what's out there, organize it, understand
it, and then see if there is a way to connect the dots without
crossing any lines of legality and without reinventing the wheel.  I'm
getting the pretty clear idea that most of this might just be
reinventing the wheel.

I'm GUESSING ahead of time, the only workable project has to be
independent of any specific data source, have a simple import and
EXPORT method allowing users to share their data IF THEY CHOOSE, and
leverage existing projects and code.

The goal would be to have minimal coding effort to tie together
existing projects that would allow a user to FIND, Import, and Export
TV Listing data in MythTV.

Please forgive me for not citing sources, but here's where I'm going to start:
What we know:

Data sources:
Data for Yahoo, TitanTV, and Scraper projects are out there.  There is
a project called "Shepard" used primarily in Australia to gather and
organize online listing data from multiple sources.  Maybe US
extensions could be applied to Sheppard?  Does Sheppard export to
standard XMLTV formats?  What's the URL for Sheppard?  Have any US
based projects considered using their scraper/grabber as part of
Sheppard yet?

It could be that a "hurd the data into lineups" project is almost done
by someone else, so it's likely that starting a project that competes
or parallels that would be counter productive.  However, ignoring such
projects as data sources would likely limit usability of a solution.

Next, what is already existing as a MythTV option that might be
useful?  Next, is there a specific guideline that allows or prevents
those projects from entering the MythTV code tree?
Web browser code (for scrapers) comes to mind… Isn't there a
BitTorrent client that exists but is "unauthorized" for entering the
MythTV plugin tree?  Is there a UseNet plugin for MythTV?

Just knowing what is there is helpful, not saying it's legal,
endorsing it, or anything, but what is there already that MIGHT be

Also, import/export scripts.  I heard about this DirecTV Tivo Export
script, does it export to XML?  Does it come with an Import script?
Is it MythTV specific?  If it exists, some of the code could be used,
couldn't it?  Is it GUI MythTV plugin, or command line?  It's doing
the same thing people are looking for…

Just a list of what is there, not if it's good or bad, and really
trying to stay out of legal arguments and "I'm not going to do it, how
dare you ask me" discussions.  I'm going to try to make a list of
existing bits of code that might be a good basis for starting a new
project… that's all… same thing Rod originally asked two days ago
before it turned into a Schedules Direct conversation.  For purposes
of THIS discussion, any discussion of Schedules Direct is irrelevant.
Thanks :-)

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