[mythtv-users] tv guide line-up free

Gregorio Gervasio, Jr. gtgj at pacbell.net
Wed Sep 5 23:33:23 UTC 2007

>>>>> James Gutshall writes:

j> 2) YahooTV listings.  Specifically Yahoo To Go -- I have not read anything
j> on this post relating to this, though it seems the most promising for my
j> personal needs.  I have coded most of this already, and am interested if any
j> other users have looked into it, or seen anything that would automatically
j> make it unusable (licensing, TOS, Legal, etc). [...]

        Yahoo's TOS (Section 18) says:


> You agree not to access the Service by any means other than through
> the interface that is provided by Yahoo! for use in accessing the
> Service.

It seems like these listings are meant to be accessed through the
"Yahoo! Go" for TV software only.  Also, it's clear that the source
of these listings is Tribune Media Services (uses the same provider,
series, and program IDs) and I doubt TMS would allow Yahoo to
redistribute these listings to just anybody.  But IANAL, so maybe you
should consult a real one.
Gregorio Gervasio, Jr.

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