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On 9/5/07, David Abrahams <dave at boost-consulting.com> wrote:
> on Wed Sep 05 2007, "James Gutshall Jr" <warchildx-AT-gmail.com> wrote:
> > Yahoo to Go:
> > My zipcode = 27050
> >
> http://api.digitalhomeservices.yahoo.com/V0_1/tribune?mode=tv_headend&zip=27050&country=us
> > This gets provider list "|" seperated.  each provider has a providerID.
> >
> > Provider ID: NC32428
> >
> http://api.digitalhomeservices.yahoo.com/V0_1/tribune?mode=tv_provider&provider=NC32428&country=
> > us
> > this gives you channel listing with names, etc.
> Looks really promising.  Unfortunately this seems to not provide an
> RCN listing for my area code, 02143.
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> Dave Abrahams
> Boost Consulting
> http://www.boost-consulting.com

when I use the first link to get providers, and change the zipcode to your,
I get the following lineups.

AFN|USA|AFN Satellite||
MA61553|Boston (Manchester)|Comcast||
MA61553|Boston (Manchester)|Comcast|X|
DITV|USA|DIRECTV|| DITV506|Boston (Manchester)|DIRECTV Boston||
DISH506|Boston (Manchester)|DISH Boston||
MA61097|Boston (Manchester)|MIT Cable Television||
MA58767|Boston (Manchester)|RCN Cable|X|
MA58767|Boston (Manchester)|RCN Cable||
MA58767|Boston (Manchester)|RCN Cable|R|

then changing the providerid in the second url to

which is for line: MA58767|Boston (Manchester)|RCN Cable||

I get channel info.
|23311|003|Local Origination - LOOR003|LOOR003|
|23316|008|Local Origination - LOOR008|LOOR008|
|11418|009|WENH - New Hampshire Public|WENH|
|11807|012|WBPX (Formerly WABU)|WBPX|
|23321|013|Local Origination - LOOR013|LOOR013|
|23323|015|Local Origination - LOOR015|LOOR015|
|24915|020|WYDN - Ch. 48 (Boston)|WYDN|
|10269|024|Home Shopping Network|HSN|
|15451|029|ESPN Classic|ESPNCL|
|10996|030|New England Sports Network|NESN|
|11104|031|Fox Sports New England|FSNE|
|21484|032|Oxygen Media Inc.|OXYGEN|
|10142|033|Cable News Network|CNN|
|10145|034|CNN Headline News|CNNH|
|11000|035|New England Cable News|NECN|
|10138|036|Country Music Television|CMTV|
|10153|038|Court TV|COURT|
|11187|039|The Weather Channel|TWC|
|11867|040|Turner Broadcasting System|TBS|
|11207|041|USA Network|USA|
|11164|043|Turner Network TV|TNT|
|11218|044|VH1 - Video Hits One|VH1|
|10986|045|MTV - Music Television|MTV|
|10051|046|Black Entertainment Television|BET|
|18480|047|Lifetime Movie Network|LMN|
|17098|048|WGN/UVTV Satellite Group|WGNSAT|
|10171|050|Disney Channel|DISN|
|12131|051|Cartoon Network|TOON|
|16123|052|TV Land|TVLAND|
|11097|053|Sci-Fi Channel|SCIFI|
|10149|054|Comedy Central|COMEDY|
|10989|055|E! Entertainment Television|E|
|10035|056|A & E Network|AETV|
|11150|057|The Discovery Channel|DSC|
|11158|058|The Learning Channel|TLC|
|14771|059|The History Channel|HISTORY|
|14902|060|Home & Garden Television|HGTV|
|12574|061|Food Network|FOOD|
|12852|062|Turner Classic Movies|TCM|
|14988|063|Fox Movie Channel|FMC|
|16331|064|Animal Planet|ANIMAL|
|11163|067|SPIKE TV|SPIKETV|
|10183|068|Eternal Word Television Network|EWTN|
|15691|068|Boston Catholic Television Center|BCTC|
|16374|069|Fox News Channel|FNC|
|10093|070|ABC Family|FAM|
|10161|071|Cable Satellite Public Affairs Network|CSPAN|
|10162|072|Cable Satellite Public Affairs Network 2|CSPAN2|
|16409|073|Women's Entertainment|WE|
|14321|074|FX Networks Inc.|FX|
|11180|075|The Travel Channel|TRAV|
|16361|076|MTV2: Music Television|MTV2|
|10222|077|Galavision Cable Network|GALA|
|23407|099|Local Origination - LOOR099|LOOR099|

I am unsure if the example I provided is your correct lineup, but you will
have to play around with each one to find your correct lineup.

Note, that in the provider listings, some have an X at the end which
represent digital.  the current url does not know how to do that.  I think
you might need an "-X" at the end of the providerid when in the url.  but
since I dont have digital cable, only analog, I dont have a reference to
verify correct listing.
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