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James Gutshall Jr warchildx at gmail.com
Wed Sep 5 21:17:15 UTC 2007

Unfortunately, this is probably the worst time to try to come into this
conversations due to people getting fussy, and not playing well with
others.  I for one would like to ask everyone to stop bickering, makeing
snide comments, etc and if you have any thoughts, or ideas (regardless of
legality, or TOS terms at this point), feel free to ask/bring them up.  Then
at that point, others could help point out if the proposed solutions would
pass a terms of service, or if there is a legality question.

To start off:

1) TitanTV -- Initial thoughts were "WOW, cool, etc"... They DO give you a
legal UUID when you create an account.  however, this UUID does not work
when trying to use links previously posted for obtaining listings.  though I
have worked out some code to pull individual listing data for a particular
episode, though I dont feel this would be a viable solution for obtaining
large data without a billion http requests, and parsing.

2) YahooTV listings.  Specifically Yahoo To Go -- I have not read anything
on this post relating to this, though it seems the most promising for my
personal needs.  I have coded most of this already, and am interested if any
other users have looked into it, or seen anything that would automatically
make it unusable (licensing, TOS, Legal, etc).  essentially, it does a
single pull a couple of weeks worth of listings in 1 shot.  attached to a
cron to run once a week, or every other week, would present enough data to
keep current.  all I have left is to finish the raw data into xmltv format
and a few minor scripting pieces to have mythfilldatabase pull it in.

Thoughts anyone?
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