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David Shay david at shay.net
Wed Sep 5 20:58:39 UTC 2007

On 9/5/07, Robert Current <robert.current at gmail.com> wrote:
> I tried to stay away from this, but the level of lies and misdirection
> made my stomach turn.
> >> Once you set up the one time recording in TitanTV, it is easy to turn
> > >> that into a recurring recording schedule from with MythTV.  You loose
> > >> no flexibility what so ever.
> > >
> > > Well, you certainly wouldn't have an ability to do something like
> > > "record whenever a show with this title is on anytime on any channel".
> > >  Personally, I use this a lot.  If you don't, fine.  I also don't
> > > count on a show to always be on at 8PM on Tuesday's.
> >
> > This is practically *all* I do.  I also really love that MythTV can
> > automatically rearrange things to maximize the use of my two tuners,
> > catching reruns at later times so I can get shows that otherwise
> > would conflict.  To me that capability is worth $5/month.  I
> > recognize that maybe isn't for everyone.
> >
> > It actually surprised me how much I came to depend on this.  When I
> > first started using MythTV I thought, "Oh, I'll just use it as a
> > glorified VCR, and to pause and rewind live TV."  But then the
> > automatic scheduling stuff totally changed how I watch TV.
> >
> That's exactly why no one will talk about stuff here.  This FUD.
> Using another data source will not prevent MythTV from being able to
> schedule certain types of recordings.  It's like they want you to
> think MythTV is totally broken without Schedules Direct.  It's not.
> That's the kind of misdirection that keeps coming up that drives me
> crazy.  MythTV can work just fine without paying $15 and kissing
> Schedules Direct backside.  The above stuff has NOTHING to do with
> getting data from an alternate source.

Just to clarify here.  The GBPVR people have written some code that allows
you to browse the TitanTV WEBSITE and once you select a recording, it will
automagically create a MANUAL recording in the local GBPVR system, set for a
specific time and date.  Yes, we could emulate such a thing with Myth,
however if this were the only thing you had (and had no OTHER source of
listings), then the above limitations are 100% accurate, as they are with
all manual recordings without listings data in a local database.

TitanTV doesn't actually offer any kind of publicly accessible documented
XML service.  Yes, you could use some discovered URLs/SOAP services that
their prepackaged applications use and write a grabber that would provide an
alternate listings service.  This, however, would have nothing whatsoever to
do with their website.  If you had this, in fact, you would have no need to
go to the website and the above limitations would disappear, unless of
course TitanTV created some business model that required such a thing, which
they haven't.

Surely I hope you don't consider this FUD.  This is about as accurate a
picture as I can give without going into data flows, pseudo code, etc.
Also, if you will note, until this sentence, I've not even mentioned the
term "Schedules Direct" even once.
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