[mythtv-users] tv guide line-up free

Jake jakeisawake at gmail.com
Wed Sep 5 20:38:46 UTC 2007

> > Or because TitanTV said, "No."
> I have a hard time believing this, especially since so many other PVR
> groups use it.  That might have more to do with the question and how
> it was asked.
> I'm sure if someone asked "can we download gobs of data and never use
> your website like it was intended" they might have got a "no."  If
> they have a documented "no" somewhere (which no one has shown), I'm
> betting it was because of how the approached the solution.

i'm just confused by why you think we should all be going to the
titantv website and supporting their "business model".  i personally
never went to the zap2it website and i certainly don't intend to go to
the titantv website to view ads just to get listings.  ymmv.
personally, i don't really see what service titantv offers to pvr
users and have no idea why you are so pro-titantv.  if the myth devs
say they sought to work out a deal with titantv than i assume they
tried their hardest.  'nuff said.  besides, most of this listings
discussion has been had BEFORE which is probably why people are so
ticked off by it.  check the archives before you post next time maybe?
 i just hope this post doesn't hurt your fragile ego ;)

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