[mythtv-users] Slow MySQL query after delete

Peter Bowyer peter at bowyer.org
Wed Sep 5 20:07:25 UTC 2007

On 05/09/07, David Rees <drees76 at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 9/5/07, Jay R. Ashworth <jra at baylink.com> wrote:
> > I would be *much* less happy if they switched to *only* being able to
> > use *Embedded* MySQL (as opposed to the standalone version --
> > *particularly* if it made it impossible to use said standalone version
> > on the same machine -- and I am clearly not alone.
> Anyone know how to embed MySQL into an application? MySQL's page on
> the embedded product says to call them to find out about licensing.

This doesn't answer your question, but for info - the slimserver guys
have been shipping 'embedded' mysql for a while now. My Myth backend
happily runs their embedded instance at the same time as a generic one
which hosts my mythconverg db and a load of others.


Peter Bowyer
Email: peter at bowyer.org

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