[mythtv-users] tv guide line-up free

David Brodbeck gull at gull.us
Wed Sep 5 16:56:32 UTC 2007

On Sep 4, 2007, at 7:51 PM, Robert Current wrote:
> Any time anyone here asks about alternatives to Schedules Direct,
> someone points out options, and immediately gets flamed for it.

You know, I didn't see you get flamed, at least not initially. I saw  
people ask questions about the legitimacy of your methods, which you  
took as a personal insult.

You also seem to have a massive chip on your shoulder about SD for  
some reason.  You've flamed them repeatedly, accusing them of  
suppressing information as if they were some sort of cabal that  
controlled all things MythTV.  The fact that you're even having this  
discussion on this mailing list proves that's not true, a fact that  
seems to have escaped you in your rush to claim you're being oppressed.

It always amazes  me the way the Linux community will immediately  
turn on anyone who tries to charge for a service, as if it's somehow  
immoral to ask for money in exchange for labor.

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