[mythtv-users] Why does my capture card keep disappearing?

Mike LaPlante mike at dividia.net
Wed Sep 5 13:54:45 UTC 2007

Phil Bridges wrote:
> This makes sense.  Any pointers on where I can go to learn about
> locking down the order using udev?
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I had to do this as well because I have a bttv capture card I use for a 
camera. On fedora I created a file called 
/etc/udev/rules.d/11-video.rules with these 3 lines.
DRIVERS=="ivtv", SYSFS{name}=="ivtv? encoder MPEG", ID=="0000:01:08.0",  
DRIVERS=="ivtv", SYSFS{name}=="ivtv? encoder MPEG", ID=="0000:01:0a.0",  
DRIVERS=="bttv", ID=="0000:01:06.0",  SYMLINK+="bt878"

I am far from a udev expert though, I followed this link on the archives 
to figure it out (the last post 
Basically run
#udevinfo -a -p /class/video4linux/video0 (or video1, video2, etc)
This spits out a ton of info on your card, find two or more things 
unique to each card and create a rule that will symlink the device to a 
name you specify. PCI bus IDs are good to use I think because you 
shouldn't be swapping cards around very often.

So in my case no matter which /dev/videoXX device my PVR-250 boots as, 
its always symlinked to /dev/pvr_250.

After you have working rules run mythtv-setup and "delete all capture 
cards", then reset everything up with the new symlinks.

Oh, and I have no idea how this works under Gentoo. You should probably 
seek out some Gentoo specific udev instructions for additional guidance.

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