[mythtv-users] Unusual problem

Steve Meyers steve-lists-mythtv at spamwiz.com
Wed Sep 5 13:13:56 UTC 2007

Martin Turner wrote:
> This isn't strictly a Myth question, but only my master Myth backend is 
> doing this so I thought I'd ask here. The box its self has been running 
> more or less fine for about 2 years now except that recently (the last 2 
> weeks) it has developed a stutter.. Now I say stutter because it 
> sounds/looks like it gets stuck in a second loop for about 4-6 seconds 
> then continues on fine like nothing ever happened. I don't have anything 
> in the logs (myth or syslog) to indicate what is going on and im 
> basically stuck.. As you can imagining its extremely annoying having it 
> do this at random..

I'm getting the same problem with 0.20.2.  I have a separate frontend 
and backend, though, so it's definitely not capture card related.  I can 
watch a show for 45 minutes sometimes, and then it will all of a sudden 
start stuttering.  I initially only saw it happen with HD shows, and my 
processor is only a 2.8GHz P4, so I thought 0.20.2 must just be slowing 
things down a little tiny bit.  But then it happened with a non-HD show 
as well last night.

Restarting mythfrontend did NOT help with the stuttering, but letting it 
sit for a couple minutes did.  I do not have ntpd running on my frontend 
- I have it run ntpdate during bootup, but that's it.

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