[mythtv-users] Running MythTV without a Video Capture Card.

Jos Hoekstra joshoekstra at gmx.net
Wed Sep 5 12:03:05 UTC 2007

ivan varghis schreef op 5-9-2007 13:30:
> Hello.
> I am new to myth tv. I have installed myth tv on my ubuntu linux. The 
> interface was pretty good.
> Can someone please let me know how to run myth tv with live content from 
> internet, from a DVD player or stored content in the hard drive
> Thanks in Advance
> Ivan

Live content from internet can be done via mythstream, you can configure 
it somehow to use your own favorite pages. Depending on the source you 
can also somehow use IPTV, I'm sure there's information about that on 
the list
Guessing that with DVD player you mean a drive connected to you system 
you can use mythdvd to view that.
Stored content can usually be viewed via mythvideo, where you have to 
configure mythvideo to use your 'stored conten' folder ;)

Kind regards,


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