[mythtv-users] Nvidia 6200 S-Video gives a Black and White picture.

Michael Jones mythlist at michaelandholly.com
Wed Sep 5 07:19:31 UTC 2007

Well.. This time I guess the computer wins the battle... for now.   
The war still wages on.

I'm in the process of rearranging my current mythtv system using  
Fedora 6, Myth 20.2 and some "spare parts" I have to create a  
dedicated backend, and a frontend in the living room (eventually a  
couple frontends in other rooms).

The old configuration was an Athlon XP 2800 running Mythdora4, A  
couple of Hauppauge Cards, an Nvidia Geforce 5200 with the 9755  
version of the Nvidia driver and about 300Gb of recording storage,  
with a GB network to the server where all the ISO's for MythVideo  
live.  Everything works perfectly when this system is connected to an  
"older" Toshiba conventional TV via Svideo.

The new configuration is:

A dedicated backend on on a Pentium III, 1Ghz with the 2 Hauppauge  
cards and GB network and about 700GB of recording storage.

A new frontend system is a Pentium 4, 2.4 Ghz system with GB  
networking and a new MCE (phillips) usb remote receiver (highly  
recommended) and an Nvidia Geforce 6200 card with an svideo out port.

The frontend works perfectly when attached to a regular svga monitor,  
but when it's connected to the TV via SVIDEO I get only a black and  
white picture.

I wasted about 5 or 6 hours last night trying to get it to work,  
trying everything I could possibly think of or research in the  
various lists and such and NOTHING worked.

I've put the Mythdora4 system back in as a frontend and it's working  
at the moment.. but I have another use for this machine and I'd like  
to get the system put together as planned.

I've tried the following (and probably a few things I've forgotten  
already.. it was a long night).

xorg.conf setup (this is copied directly from the working Mythdora 4  

Section "Device"
         Identifier  "Videocard0"
         Driver      "nvidia"
         Option      "TVStandard" "HDM480i"
         Option      "TVOutFormat" "SVIDEO"
         Option      "UseEvents" "True"
         Option      "ConnectedMonitor" "TV"

And a significant number of variations including:

Option      "TVStandard" "NTSC-M"

Option      "TVOutFormat" "COMPOSITE"  (When composite is used I get  
nothing but a black screen.

I've set the vertical sync rate to 60..

I've, successfully I might add, set up twinview with a spare LCD svga  
monitor and the TV.. but things on the TV are still B&W.

I've tried changing the order of the options (moved Option  
"ConnectedMonitor" to line 3)

I've tried the following versions of the driver

I've tried both KDE and Gnome GUI's (not that I thought that would  
make much difference), I've scoured the options in the nvidia setup  

I'm about at wits end here and I've run out of ideas.  Should I just  
abandon all hope of making this configuration work and move the 5200  
card into the new frontend machine and just use that?  Is there a  
video card out that with an Svideo out that would actually work in  
this situation without breaking the bank?

Any ideas, recommendations, or even a working solution, would be MUCH  

Thanks Much.

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