[mythtv-users] help diagnosing audio problems

Larry Roberts mythtv at american-hero.com
Wed Sep 5 00:18:06 UTC 2007

OK, I think I'm loosing it.

I have managed to loose audio when watching videos within the
Mythfrontend.  I can drop to a command line and use mplayer and get the
audio/video just fine, however nothing will give me audio within  the

I am using the latest and greatest (thinking that was the problem) from
Axel's excellent rpms.  I have an older kernel (2.6.19) but I'm using
that because of some other issues related to the new IVTV and PVR-350's
video out.

Everything worked fine a couple days ago, and now when I go to watch
videos I get video but no audio.  Since I can get audio when using
mplayer I think its safe to assume I dont have something muted, but I
did double check and cant find anything that is.

nothing shows up in the logs, it just as if myth wants me to sit and
watch in silence.

Any ideas on how about diagnosing what could be causing the audio
problems.  The only thing that has "changed" on my network is that I'm
in the process of adding a seperate frontend on Ubuntu.  That box isn't
even connected at the current time though.

Looking for ideas on diagnosing this thing.



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