[mythtv-users] local station ATSC PSIP oddity - any mythtv workaround?

Henry A Harper III hah at alumni.rice.edu
Tue Sep 4 21:48:13 UTC 2007


I have an ATSC-only 3-tuner (all pcHDTV-5500) FE/BE running SVN trunk from a
couple weeks ago (recent enough to connect to SchedulesDirect). My problem
is with one local station, FOX KTRV-DT, and their PSIP data (or lack of it).
What I'm seeing is that the PSIP data transmitted by KTRV-DT has changed
from what it was previously. I have a question posted on the local HDTV
board but I'm looking for a possible workaround in case this doesn't get
fixed before Sunday (HD football!) or new fall shows in less than 2 weeks.

KTRV-DT was tunable by all of: mythbox, HR10-250, and HTL-HD as "virtual"
12-1 (frequency 13) - PSIP good

Now (past week or so):
* HTL-HD will not tune to directly entered 12-1, will scan to and tune
13-3 - other channels behave as expected, either virtual 2-1 or physical
28-1 "forwards" to 2-1, etc.
* HR10-250 will "tune" 12-1 but from past experience it ignores most PSIP
data unless it's scanning - of course poor 12-1 reception (multipath even
w/large external antenna/amp) on the HDTivo's tuners is the reason I built
my mythbox
* mythbox shows a timeout "you should have been able to tune by now" w/
"LaGv partial lock" on livetv on 12-1, I don't seem to be able to enter 13-3
from the keyboard, and the backend log shows the following type errors when
it's trying to tune 12-1:
2007-09-02 22:01:46.881 Could not find channel 12_1 in TVCT
2007-09-02 22:01:46.892 VCT Terra: channels(0) tsid(0x3cf) seclength(13)
I tried re-scanning ATSC channels with mythtv-setup and it skips right over
frequency 13 in the progress window - "scanning 12...scanning 14"

Is there anything I can do to compensate for this from within mythtv? I
don't see any likely candidates for misguided fiddling with in MythWeb's
channel settings page... Which other log verbosity options for backend
should I try? record, channel? I see something in the archives about using
dvbsnoop to dump the TVCT tables...


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