[mythtv-users] tv guide line-up free

Robert Current robert.current at gmail.com
Tue Sep 4 20:28:57 UTC 2007

> Sounds like the best move. Don't use SchedulesDirect. As far as I can
> tell, SchedulesDirect is only for people who record lots of programs
> and don't feel like taking the time to record stuff manually. If you
> either don't care about using up all that time or schedule so few
> shows that the time isn't worth as much as the $5/month is to you,
> great!

Either your very confused, or I am.  I'm guessing it's me, so...

I'll admit, I'm lost...  between two tuners, I record 30-40 hours a
day.  And, I don't spend any time scheduling stuff, it finds and
records it all based on show titles and keywords.  I've not set up a
recording time in manual recordings ever...

What are you saying $5/month will do that I can't do with EIT?

EIT gives show titles and descriptions, often actors, and more...  The
only thing I miss is star ratings of movies....  I liked the "3 star
or better" option that was avaliable with Zap2It's data... but other
than that, I'm totally confused.  I think I'm recording lots of shows
(more than I watch, too many in fact).  I think it's doing it
automatically (I don't know what you mean by manual).

How will $5 save me any time?  It sounds like it requires a lot of
setup, it sounds like it will take more of my time...

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