[mythtv-users] DFW HDHomerun users, can you get WFAA-DT (ABC)?

William Munson william_munson at bellsouth.net
Tue Sep 4 18:32:55 UTC 2007

Victor Perez wrote:
> I have an HDhomerun and I am having lots of problems getting a lock on 
> WFAA-DT (ABC affiliate in Dallas). According to antenaweb I am 16 
> miles from the transmitter cluster and I get all UHF channels with 
> nearly 100% but this one is the only in DFW using a VHF frequency (9) 
> and it hovers around 75%. I can barely get a lock, looks like crap and 
> crashes the backend.
> If you can get that channel can you please send me make and model of 
> your antenna?
I am not in DFW however I have seen similar results before. If you have 
a portable antenna try different locations around the house. Your 
antenna may be located so that the multipath signals reaching the 
antenna are as strong as the direct signal and is confusing your HDHR. 
Simply trying a different (portable) antenna may show you where to mount 
your main antenna for clear reception. Sometimes only a foot one way or 
the other makes all the difference. The other option is to go with a 
very high gain directional antenna. You do not need the gain however the 
directivity of the antenna may allow for clear reception.

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