[mythtv-users] Mythtv 0.20.2 xbox xebian pkgs now available

Steve MacLaren scram69 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 4 15:05:38 UTC 2007

On 9/3/07, Jon <jon.the.wise.gdrive at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Sep 3, 2007, at 9:18 PM, Steve MacLaren wrote:
> >
> > Then, when I go to Videos Settings, I get the message:
> >
> > "The mythvideo plugin was compiled against libmyth version:
> > 0.20.20060828-3, but the installed libmyth is at version
> > 0.20.20070821-1.  You probably want to recompile the mythvideo
> > plugin after doing a make distclean."
> >
> > Did I screw something up with apt-get, or had mythvideo not yet
> > successfully been compiled against the latest on Xebian?
> >
> The error is saying that you currently have an older libmyth
> installed, so you need to upgrade it before you install mythvideo.
> I was assuming I would end up with the latest myth libraries when I did
the apt-get install mythtv from the repositories listed above.  If I now
upgrade libmyth separately, won't I have to recompile mythtv, defeating the
pupose of installing the precompiled binary?
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