[mythtv-users] Trying to use HDTV as a firewire recorder

Bryan Mayland bmayland+mythtv at capnbry.net
Tue Sep 4 14:55:25 UTC 2007

Bob wrote:
> 2007-09-03 21:14:44.753 ProcessPAT: PAT is missing program, setting timeout
> ...
> 2007-09-03 21:20:00.738 Finished recording Living Fresh "Green Sea": 
> channel 4103
> Could the "PAT is missing program" be my problem?
    Absolutely.  MythTV requires a PAT, which points to a PMT which 
points to the stream IDs for the program you want to record.  Without 
this information the "signal monitor" never locks, and the recording 
never starts. 

    I had this same situation with my cable box, where it eats the PAT 
and PMT so I'm working on cleaning up a patch for PID autodetection for 
our stupid devices that don't provide this information.  Are you 
familiar with using "patch"?  If so, I can give you a copy of my changes 
against svn head and you can see if that works for you.


run that with `patch -p0 < firewire_sigmon_1.diff` from the mythtv base 

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