[mythtv-users] EIT Program data showing in Guide on wrong channels

Myth Guy gamer at lazybum.com
Tue Sep 4 00:40:31 UTC 2007

I recently installed a new mythtv setup on my gentoo system using the SVN
ebuild 0.21_pre14327

I wanted to try out the EIT broadcast guide data to see if that would work
for me. I'm using an Air2PC card, setup went fine and it picked up the EIT
after I did a full channel scan in myth.

However, some of the channels have guide data for the wrong channel, and a
couple are blank. Is this a known issue? Is there something I can do to
fix this in the database?

I'm in the Madison WI area in case that makes a difference (maybe the EIT
is a little screwy?) Seems like they are broadcasting about 2 days worth
of data.

I let setup number my channels with a period (3.1).


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