[mythtv-users] etch backports of debian-multimeda.org packages

Dale E. Martin dale at the-martins.org
Mon Sep 3 18:27:03 UTC 2007

> These don't work for me due to requiring libsensors.so.1, which is not in any 
> Debian distribution that I can see.  Etch even appears to use 
> libsensors.so.3.

Doh!  Yep, good catch, I've got a libsensors.so.1 in my /usr/local.  I just
ran ldd against my packages, libsensors, liblame, and lirc are all linked
against stuff in /usr/local (liblame and lirc are versions available in
etch/debian-multimedia at least).  I'll rebuild against the packages from
etch and send another mail to the list when they're updated.

Dale E. Martin - dale at the-martins.org

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