[mythtv-users] Desktop Logout when exiting MythFrontend

Remco Treffkorn remco at rvt.com
Mon Sep 3 18:17:58 UTC 2007

On Monday 03 September 2007, Michael T. Dean wrote:
> On 09/03/2007 01:44 PM, Remco Treffkorn wrote:
> > On Monday 03 September 2007, Michael T. Dean wrote:
> >> Well, I've heard that FC7 is using an unpatched QT 3.3.8, which has a
> >> known bug that causes Myth applications to segfault upon exit.
> >
> > All my fe's are on F7. None of the Myth apps segfault. I don't know where
> > you heard what you heard, but you did not hear it from me.
> http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/286808#286808
> Mike

To make this more factually relevant:

qt-3.3.8-6.fc7 on i386 and x86_64 do not exhibit the known qt bug (manifests 
itself as segfault on application termination).

F7 was released with qt-3.3.8-4.fc7 in May. I don't know if that had the bug 
fixed or not.

If your version is older than -6 it's "yum update" time.


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