[mythtv-users] satellite and local channel (via passthrough) scheduling

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Mon Sep 3 16:46:37 UTC 2007

On 09/03/2007 10:53 AM, Brian D. Frost wrote:
> I was probably unclear -- I can already record the local HD channels via the satellite box passthru (using serial interface to tune the satellite and record over s-video). So the issue is that I dont have scheduling info for those other channels that I am receiving through the cable box.

I'm assuming you mean that you have a satellite set-top-box (STB) into
which you're feeding and antenna's input so that the STB can output
satellite channels and OTA channels, but without your having to
subscribe to the satellite company's "locals" package.  If, instead,
you've subscribed to the locals package, you've just chosen the wrong
provider for your lineup (see A, below).

> How can I combine the schedule info from schedulesdirect for both local OTA and directv via a single tuner card MCE-500.

You can't--short of using XMLTV to download the data in XMLTV form and
using programs like tv_merge or tv_cat or something to merge the
listings into a single XMLTV file.  However, doing so--using an XMLTV
file rather than using the Schedules Direct (SD) internal grabber--will
mean you'll lose some valuable data, so is not a very good approach.

So, what you should do is:

A) Choose a satellite provider such that the lineup includes the local
channels and continue to output satellite and "antenna" from the STB via
S-Video.  For example, in my area, I can choose Dish or Dish Orlando. 
If I choose Dish Orlando, it lists all the local channels (with the
exception of some, IMHO, useless home-shopping and other "minor"
channels).  They exist on their "correct" channel numbers (i.e. Fox 35
is shows as channel 35) as well as in the 8000's.  If your satellite
lineup uses different channel numbers, you can simply change the channel
number and frequency ID to an appropriate value (i.e. for Fox 35, change
both to 35) using mythtv-setup or MythWeb's channel editor.  Even if
you're not subscribing to the local package through your satellite
provider (and you're just plugging the antenna into the satellite box),
Schedules Direct won't mind.  :)

B) Plug the antenna directly into the RF input on your capture card and
create a new lineup at Schedules Direct that is your local OTA stations
only.  Then connect appropriate inputs (on the same card) to appropriate
video sources--i.e. the S-Video input (which is connected to your
satellite STB) would be connected to the satellite video source, which
would retrieve data using the satellite lineup from SD; the Tuner input
on the same card would be connected to the OTA video source, which would
retrieve data using the OTA lineup from SD.

Either way, each card can record /only/ from a satellite or OTA channel,
so you lose nothing with this approach.


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