[mythtv-users] New motherboard/hardware recommendation

Phil Vid phil.vid at gmail.com
Sun Sep 2 11:10:16 UTC 2007

I'm looking to buy a new motherboard with the aim of 1080i HD
playback. I'm currently running a Athlon 2500+ with an ATI Radeon
9600, 2 DVB-T tuner cards, 1 video capture card and 1 wlan card. The
system has 512mb mem and is both front and backend. It reaches about
40-50% CPU when recording off all 3 sources and playback as well.

I am going to be upgrading to a full HD set soon so I want to update
the mythtv hardware to match. The current configuration has no hope of
smooth HD playback.

It seems I have a choice between just switching the graphics card to
an NVidia with DVI out, say an 5200 or 5500 with xvmc enabled, or
doing a full motherboard+cpu upgrade.

Does anyone know of any motherboards with NVidia graphics chipset on
board, with DVI or HDMI out, that allow 4 PCI cards? Or should I just
go with the cheap upgrade option and stick a 5500 in it and hope the
rest of the system holds up? Can anyone see any obvious issues with
the existing hardware with just xvmc for 1080i HD playback?


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