[mythtv-users] Paid Programing

Tim Litwiller timlitw at gmail.com
Sun Sep 2 03:58:52 UTC 2007

Is there a way I can consolidate the Paid Programing items in mythweb into
one entry.
they are all listed as 1/2 hour events and so when some of my channles have
paid programming from 2am till noon it makes me have to scroll the Channel
Detail  page to get to the info I want.  After a while it get disgusting. :)

Since I'd never want to schedule recording a paid programing - at least not
if there is no detail of what the item they are selling is - I'd like to run
an evaluation on the database. something like this.

If there are two or more "Paid Programing" events to gather get the starting
time of the first and ending time of the last and change the first one's
ending time to the ending time of the last - then get rid of all the other

Or would it be better to add this direectly in the mythfilldatabase so it
doesn't have to correct what it thinks is wrong data every time it does an
update and then the evaluator has to fix all the items again.

also Is there any reason that changeing the listing data like this would
break the layout of the mythweb or the mythtv screens?
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